Web-site Changes

Starting from 1st January 2020, the Museum is changing over to a new Webmaster with a completely new web-site.  I started the Museum web-site in May 2000 using a free service on BT Internet. As the original URL was not easy to remember, a URL router was kindly donated by Peter J.D. Smith, (resident in Manila) who had earlier published some unofficial pages about the Museum. This router was provided free through the company Name Zero and enabled us to use the much simpler form of www.seafordmuseum.org.
On 14th February 2007, a new URL and hosting was purchased through Streamline.net which gave more web facilities and e-mails.  The old addresses remained active for some months as a router to the new site but were finally terminated in June 2008.

The later "blue version" with a floating menu was introduced in November 2004 and updated to a multilevel menu with rearranged pages on 22 November 2008.
The hosting by Streamline.net was taken over by Fasthosts in February 2015.
On 19th January 2016, the whole site was converted to a "Responsive Design" to be suitable for mobile phones and other small devices.  This was achieved using W3 Schools.com.

On 3rd August 2018, the whole site was rearranged to use Bootstrap as it is a more recognised standard than W3.

When I started this site, I had no experience so it was "on the job training" with a lot of assistance from professional web-site designers in Seaford, to whom I am very grateful.  This started me off and I was soon running nearly 40 sites, mostly as sub-sites of my www.seaford-sussex.co.uk for various clubs, associations or services in Seaford. 

The new Webmaster will be Nick Hing, who recently joined the working group of volunteers with the responsibilities of publicity. He will also take over the task of designing and printing the monthly posters that are distributed around the town and published in the Seaford Scene.   I wish him every success in this venture.

Mick Barrett
21 September 2019