Books and memorabilia

A comprehensive range of books on Seaford History by local authors is on sale in the Museum gift shop, as are the Local History Booklets published by Seaford Museum & Heritage Society. Take home a memento of Seaford – we have a range of smaller items marked for Seaford or with the Museum logo that will keep memories of your visit fresh.

The Museum’s Archives

The archives are open between 1.30 and 4 pm on the first Sunday in each month and can be examined by visitors in the company of a Museum Archivist

The Museum has compiled several different archives of documentation and pictures. Much may be searched via computer databases in the museum. There are three basic archives:-

  • A classical database of all artefacts in the museum;
  • A database referring to the archived papers and pictures;
  • A housing registry.


The archive of documents, etc. is often used by visitors for research of past people or places in Seaford.  These may be accessed by appointment only and under the supervision of an archivist. Any material used for publication must be credited to Seaford Museum.

Housing Registry

This is an unusual facility to be held in a town museum. It is a register of nearly all houses in Seaford based mostly on information from the town estate agents as well as information from house owners. It has been assembled over several years by a team of volunteer helpers and includes photographs and lists of residents taken from the Electoral Registers. As above, access is by appointment but visitors may browse with an archivist on the first Sunday afternoon each month and other special events.

Group Visits

Arrangements can be made for group visits outside the normal opening times. These may be school visits, groups of young people (eg cubs, guides, etc.) or adult groups. Special entry fees apply to these visits.
Group visits are to be booked at least 2 weeks in advance to

  • When making a booking, it would be useful to indicate if the group would like the shop to be open during the visit.
  • All fees assume that the visit is no longer than 2 hours.
  • There are no refreshments available.
  • Toilet facilities are the public toilets outside of the museum. There are no toilet or washing facilities in the Museum.

School Visits

School visits are an important feature of the museum, providing both education and fun We can provide an interactive session which involves object handling and a chance to discover more about past times, along with a guided tour of the museum. Visits can cover inventions and other aspects of historical life. The museum not only has displays covering Seaford history, there is also a wealth of items relating to social history.

For older children learning about the coastline, we have an informative DVD presentation covering the creation of Seaford’s sea defences, which can be followed by a visit to the roof to view the beach from above.

For all school visits we can accommodate up to 30 children at a time, who must be accompanied by at least 4 adults. ie 8:1 child:adult ratio. Fees are £2 a head for interactive visits, £1.50 a head for standard guided visits, with a minimum group charge of £25.

All accompanying adults are admitted free of charge.

School group visits are to be booked at least 2 weeks in advance to: or

Other Groups of Young People

Other children’s or youngster groups are also welcome. Conditions are similar to those of school visits but the number of adults may be reduced to 10:1 for youngsters over 16 years of age.

Adult Groups

The cost is £2.50 per head for adult groups with a minimum group cost of £25 (ie 10 or less adults, the charge is £25).